The Best Vitamins for a Hangover

What are the best vitamins for hangover

While drinking and partying the night away are fun and worthwhile goals, the hangover you get the next day can be debilitating. About 75% of people are susceptible to them, and symptoms like headaches and nausea can have you groaning that you never want to drink again.

This probably isn't the case - you likely just want to get over your hangover. Luckily, knowing the best vitamins for a hangover can help you drink in peace at future events. Read on to learn these vitamins and how you can use them as a hangover cure.

The Link Between Hangovers and Vitamin Deficiencies

the link between vitamin depletion and hangovers

Alcohol causes more frequent urination than you would otherwise have to worry about. When you go to the bathroom more, the alcohol leaves your system quickly. However, it also takes the vitamins and minerals that your body needs with it.

Vitamin B is one of the vitamins that you lose the fastest. These vitamins play an important role in your metabolism and regulating bodily functions. You need a good metabolism to move the alcohol through your system and stop it from bogging your body down.

When you lose Vitamin B nutrients, you're not going to feel well, hence the headaches and other sick feelings that come with a hangover.

What Are the Best Vitamins for a Hangover?

As you may expect, getting more vitamin B in your system is the #1 way to combat a hangover naturally. Several types of B vitamins can help you get back on your feet.

B2, also known as riboflavin, produces energy and breaks down toxins in your body. Though it's fun in moderation, alcohol is technically a toxin that your body needs to expel. Riboflavin stimulates cell growth so that you can feel more healthy and energetic after drinking.

B6, folic acid, is an enzyme that breaks down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Its primary purpose is to help other enzymes function to boost your immune function and brain health. Taking B6 vitamins can help you heal more quickly from hangover symptoms by pumping your immune system up and making your brain better able to combat alcohol's effects.

B12, cobalamin, helps brain and nerve cells develop and stay healthy. This is a good hangover remedy for the same reasons that B6 is. It stimulates cell growth and development so that you can reabsorb healthy nutrients and feel better.

However, none of these are the most important vitamins for combatting a hangover.

That honor goes to B1 - thiamine.

The Basics of Vitamin B1 Thiamine

Without thiamine, other B vitamins aren't going to have any effect on a hangover. Thiamine is the most important foundation for feeling better after a night of drinking.

This vitamin is stored in the liver in very small amounts. The liver is the primary organ involved in metabolizing alcohol.

Thiamine as a Hangover Remedy

Thiamine is important because it's involved in lots of different cell functions. It assists with cell growth in both the short and long term. It also breaks down nutrients in your body and converts them into energy.

Your brain and heart require constant energy sources if you want to feel good and function well. When you have a hangover, you feel sluggish, tired, and sick because there's not enough energy moving through your bloodstream. You'll have trouble metabolizing the alcohol, rehydrating, and regulating the vitamins and minerals you need.

Food can also affect how much thiamine your body can metabolize. Eating certain foods can stop your hangover remedy vitamins from working since it's infused with thiamine.

Long-Term Impacts of Replenishing Thiamine

Replenishing your thiamine supply is important for curing the short-term pain of a hangover. But it also has long-term benefits.

Studies suggest that those who drink frequently are at a higher risk for long-term thiamine deficiency. This can cause Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, which is 8-10 times more common in those with chronic alcoholism. While you may not have that problem, frequent drinking still puts you at a higher risk.

Since this can result in headaches, disorientation, memory loss, and long-term confusion, it's important to avoid developing these issues.

Luckily, thiamine supplements may be able to help if you take them during a hangover.

How Can You Reap the Benefits of Thiamine?

Some people take OTC thiamine supplements orally, but this is far from the most effective way to experience its benefits. Your metabolism is slow when you're hungover, and ingesting and breaking down vitamins orally would take time even on your healthiest day.

Booze Bandage's hangover prevention patch is a much quicker cure for hangovers.

These small stickers are infused with 75 milligrams of thiamine. When you stick the patch to your skin in a hairless and clean part of your body, your skin absorbs the thiamine. The B vitamin then goes directly into your bloodstream and moves throughout the body within minutes.

The patch is a time-release product. This means that it will distribute thiamine throughout your system consistently for 8-12 hours. The patch has a distinct effect on different people, so the exact length of distribution will depend on the way your specific body absorbs the vitamins.

The bottom line, though, is that you get the thiamine fast. You also get more of it than you would get if you were to take an oral supplement. Unleashing the B vitamin directly into the bloodstream means that you get 100% of its nutrients rather than the 75% that you would get after your body broke down a traditional oral supplement.

Try Hangover Patch Remedies Today

Now that you know some of the best vitamins for a hangover, it's time to begin reaping their benefits after your next night out. Booze Bandage's hangover prevention patch is delivered directly to your doorstep after you place an order. It's inexpensive, easy to apply, and fast-acting.

Our team is committed to giving you all the information you need to feel confident about trying our proven hangover cure. Reach out with any lingering questions you have and learn more about choosing the right hangover patch for your needs.