What is The Booze Bandage Hangover Prevention Patch?

Booze Bandage is a hangover prevention patch. This transdermal patch is packed with 75mg of natural B1 Vitamin also known as Thiamine. The Booze Bandage is intended to reduce the negative side effects caused by alcohol consumption. Also the Booze Bandage can be used as a hangover cure. Wake up in the morning feeling a little under the weather? Slap on a Booze Bandage give it some time to start absorbing into your system and see those negative hangover effects start to fade away!

How Does the Hangover Patch Work?

The transdermal patch technology was developed back in the 70’s. The nicotine patch is very commonly known type of transdermal patch and works the same way as the Booze Bandage. It is a time-release patch that is applied to your skin in a clean hairless area. The patch will begin to release the vitamin into your system and continues to do so for 8-12 hours depending on how the individual’s body absorbs the vitamins. 

When is the Best Time to Apply the B1 Patch?

So that being said that the release period is 8-12 hours, what we recommend and seem to have had the most success with is applying it when you start your night. Best suggestion we always give is put it on when you are about to leave the house or when you have your first drink so that you put it on correctly. Then just leave it on till the morning, wake up take it off and you should be feeling amazing.

What is the Success Rate?

Majority of people that have used and tried the Booze Bandage are very happy with their results. 90% of Booze Bandage customers see significant results from using the B1 patch, commenting that it greatly reduces the terrible hangover effects from consuming alcohol. Consuming certain foods and drinks could reduce the effectiveness of the B1 transdermal patch - coffee being one of the culprits. We've created a list of foods that could prevent the absorption of thiamine; Booze Bandage's main active ingredient.

Why Does it Work so Well?

The reason you will have such good results with the Booze Bandage is because of the transdermal technology. Being that the patch releases through your skin directly into your bloodstream you get almost 100% of the vitamin. Compared to ingesting the vitamins that process through your digestive track, your body processes out about 75% of the actual amount taken orally. 


Is There a Wrong Way to Apply the Patch?

YES! If you look at any of our product pics you can clearly see there are 2 layers to the patch. You remove and apply both layers, the top layer which is the logo sticker is not made to be removed. If you are able or accidentally remove only the top layer (the logo sticker) and apply just that you unfortunately will not get any effects of the vitamin patch you removed it from. Pull off both layers of the patch together and apply both layers to you skin as one piece.


Does the Booze Bandage Only Help With Hangovers?

We market the Booze Bandage directly to the alcohol industry because Thiamine (B1) is what has been determined to be the vitamin that is directly responsible for fighting the alcohol in your blood stream.

That being said B1 deficiency is actually a very real thing, and can be found among pregnant women, those who've had gastrointestinal surgery, or people who suffer from eating disorders, hyperthyroidism, poor diet, critical illnesses, and more.

If you suffer from thiamine deficiency, also know as Beriberi, you could notice a positive effect to your symptoms after applying a B1 patch - even a boost in energy when used on a normal basis. 

Thiamine is also a key vitamin in helping boost your immune system. So next time cold/flu season and now with this Covid-19 (corona virus) among us this is a great way to help keep yourself healthy and immune system boosted to prevent any unwanted viruses. 


What is the Smell?

We get this question often, what is the smell or why does it smell funny? The smell is simple, it's a vitamin smell. Some people are more sensitive to the smell others never even notice it. 

We can't make the smell go away unfortunately because it is a vitamin. What we suggest to customers that have brought up this concern is placement location.  Good areas we have found is the ankle, calf/lower leg area and or butt to avoid noticing the smell. 


Where is the Best Place to Apply the Booze Bandage?

The best area is a clean hairless area on the body. We always suggest inner forearm, lower stomach, inside of bicep, or the best on your butt. Essentially any area that your skin is hairless as possible, and not flexing or bending. 


Is There a Difference in the Rainbow or Red Patches?

Nope just design, the patch has the exact same 75mg of Thiamine in them.