Our Story

This is Cory Dady, the founder of Booze Bandage welcome to our page we are glad you are here. I started this company in 2017 after growing up in Central Florida in the motorcycle industry, and running our family-owned business “Motorcycle Clinic Inc”. This is where my knowledge and love for entrepreneurship began. I moved to Key West, Florida in my early 30’s, for anyone who isn’t familiar with Key West, it is a known for its beautiful waters as well as bars and night life. While exploring my new hometown and enjoying the bar scene of Key West, I quickly realized that hangovers were a problem for me and people all around town. While recovering from a hangover one day, now into my mid-thirties, I realized they were much worse than they were when I was younger. So, I sat down one day and started experimenting with different products and ingredients to obtain the best hangover results. Once I found the most effective ingredients and a company to manufacture his business idea, Booze Bandage was born. I began distributing the product to friends around town, and word got around of this new hangover prevention patch, and grew from there. 


Booze Bandage began out of the need to solve a long and ongoing problem that not many have tackled,  the unwanted hangover! There are many gimmicks out there to cure a hangover some work and some not so much. There were drinks and vitamins to take that may have helped, but the problem with anything taken orally your body processes out about 75% of that. We wanted to come up with something that was simple, safe and effective for everyone and really did work! So after a lot of research and testing we found the right formula that truly works. Research shows that Thiamine (B1) is one of the main vitamins that is depleted out of your system when you are consuming alcohol so here is how we solved that.


Booze Bandage is a Hangover Prevention Patch. It contains one simple ingredient, 75mg of B1, also  known as Thiamine. Booze Bandage is a medical grade transdermal patch that is the most effective way   to get the vitamin into your system, short of having to get an IV. It’s simple, all you do is apply Booze Bandage to any hairless area on your body when you go out to enjoy some adult beverages. Leave it on until the morning and you wake up feeling great with no hangover! Most people would prefer to put a patch   on to prevent hangovers, rather than waking up feeling horrible, having to spend large amounts of money and hours at an IV hydration establishment to cure their hangover. Plus, no needles with a Booze  Bandage! They can also be used for general health practices, when B1 (Thiamine) levels are low it can cause mental confusion, poor coordination, memory problems, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and irritability. Check out the link below on how to properly apply the Booze Bandage. https://www.boozebandage.com/pages/how-do-hangover-patches-work 


 In the last 2 years Booze Bandage has had some great opportunities on their horizon.  Some of which include expanding into more markets such as, concerts, musician and motorsports sponsorships, customized products, healthcare clinic’s, airports, concierge services, international and regional distribution networks. Recognition of the product has allowed Booze Bandage to be featured on podcasts, live radio streams, and network TV. The product continues to expand its reach across social media networks, the website and advertisements. Which has given them the opportunity to meet and come in contact with celebrities, influencers and other reseller outlets. Because of these opportunities, the understanding of what transdermal patches are, and how they work has expanded exponentially.

 Let's be honest, most celebrations have some kind of adult drinks involved that we partake in. If you think about it whether you are celebrating an event, birthday or even on the other end when you're sad or depressed a lot of people turn to the adult beverage of your choice. We are not promoting that but we want to be here to help you in case you over indulge in any of this beverages you may prefer a that time.  So our hope is that you will become a loyal customer of ours and help us continue to help you cure that hangover and make your day after great. Take back your weekend and have a great Monday at work with Booze Bandage.