How Do Hangover Patches Work?

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If you're among the 63% of Americans who enjoy drinking alcohol, you likely are intimately familiar with the feeling of a hangover.

While it's often worth the fun of a night out, it's still a horrible feeling. Contending with that hangover headache and dehydration can be tough, but it's important for your well-being.

Luckily, a hangover patch is a great way to instantly get relief after waking up with a pounding alcohol-induced headache. But how do hangover patches work, exactly? Read on to learn.

What Is a Hangover Patch?

How do hangover patches work to help you

After a night of partying and drinking, you're bound to feel a little worse for wear. That's normal, but it's a definite downside to enjoying yourself by getting your party on.

Luckily, a hangover patch can help you stop feeling like you got hit by a bus!

These patches are little stickers that you stick onto your skin. You can put it pretty much anywhere on your body. This means that you can put it underneath your clothes if you're out and about without anyone noticing.

We recommend that you put it on a clean and hairless place. Your inner forearm and the inside of your bicep are perfect. They also work well on your lower stomach or backside.

The hangover patch sticker is infused with nutrients that help stave off the worst effects of a hangover. B vitamins make up the majority of this hangover cure.

The patch specifically contains 75 milligrams of Thiamine, a B1 vitamin that helps various types of cells grow and function. It helps keep your nervous system healthy and ensures that you have the energy to remain upright and functional. Some studies suggest that it also may help manage damage to the liver, which means potentially decreasing the long-term impacts of alcohol.

How Do Hangover Patches Work?

When you put the sticker on after a night of boozy fun, your skin absorbs the nutrients stored in the patch. They go into your bloodstream and nullify some of the effects that alcohol has had on your body.

This makes sense since drinking too much can cause short-term vitamin deficiencies. It also can cause dehydration. As the body absorbs the vitamins and you drink water, you're probably going to feel better.

Patches function extremely well because of the transdermal technology that they use. Instead of being absorbed through a long digestive process, the patch moves thiamine directly into your bloodstream. You get almost all of the vitamins in the patch rather than the ~75% of thiamine that you would get if you ingested the same amount orally.

A hangover patch isn't going to stop all hangovers in the future. It will just dull the effects of one that you already have. It generally will last for the duration of your hangover so you can heal more quickly, and it has a timed release of vitamins for 8-12 hours.

Note that every body is different. A hangover patch isn't necessarily going to work the same way on two different people. Experimenting with the location of your patch and the time that you put it on is the best way to get familiar with the cure's impact on your body.

Is This Hangover Remedy Safe?

Yes, hangover patches are a safe way to get rid of a bad hangover.

Note, though, that they don't work as well on some people as they do on others. They're harmless either way, but there are certain things that reduce how effective it is. Drinking coffee before using your patch will stop it from being as effective as possible, as will certain foods like cabbage, apples, and mushrooms.

The Top Benefits of Hangover Patches

One huge advantage of hangover patches is that they're easy to apply. They release vitamins into your skin quickly, but this speed is even faster when you consider that they take under a minute to stick to your skin. It's easy even for those with pounding headaches and nausea.

Look at the patch. There will be two layers that make it up. Remove and apply both layers, keeping the one with the logo sticker on top.

Pull both layers off the patch together and apply them to your skin as a single piece. If you only take the logo sticker off, your patch won't work. Luckily, they're made to be removed at once, so you'll have an easy time reaping the benefits of this hangover cure.

Different Package Sizes

If you like to party a lot, you likely will want a big package of hangover patches. We offer 25-pack options to those who spend a lot of time having fun. It's cheaper to buy in bulk, so you can save a lot of money by buying bigger packages.

If you're new to hangover patches and want to try it out, though, you may want to sample a smaller package. That's totally understandable, and we offer 3-pack and 10-pack options as well. You can make your decision based on how confident in your purchase you are and how frequently you need a hangover cure.

Multiple Designs

Booze Bandages come in a couple of different variations that you may enjoy. One offers our logo in simple red print that goes with just about anything.

However, if you want to look especially glorious, we also have rainbow patches available. The image is the same, but instead of just being red there's a color-gradient look to the logo.

You can make the decision based on your preferences and wardrobe needs. Both styles offer the same impacts and benefits.

The transdermal patch technology was developed back in the 70’s. The nicotine patch is very commonly known type of transdermal patch and works the same way as the Booze Bandage. The transdermal patch is a medicated adhesivpatch that is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of vitamin through the skin and into the bloodstream. 


An advantage of a transdermal vitamin delivery route over other types of delivery such as oral is that the patch provides a controlled time release of the vitamin into the individuals bloodstream. It is best that the patch is applied to your skin in a clean hairless area. The patch will begin to release the vitamin into your system and continues to do so for 8-12 hours. Absorption rates vary depending on individual.

Where is the Best Place to Apply the Booze Bandage?

The best area is a clean hairless area on the body. We always suggest inner forearm, lower stomach, inside of bicep, or the best on your butt. Essentially any area that your skin is hairless as possible, and not flexing or bending. 


Is There a Wrong Way to Apply the Patch?

YES! If you look at any of our product pics you can clearly see there are 2 layers to the patch. You remove and apply both layers, the top layer which is the logo sticker is not made to be removed. If you are able or accidentally remove only the top layer (the logo sticker) and apply just that you unfortunately will not get any effects of the vitamin patch you removed it from. Pull off both layers of the patch together and apply both layers to you skin as one piece.

Say No to Hangovers (and Yes to Memorable Nights)

So, how do hangover patches work? It's actually a pretty simple process where your skin absorbs hangover-prevention nutrients and moves them directly into your bloodstream.

Now that you know the ins and outs of hangover prevention patches, it's time to begin feeling good the morning after a night out. Booze Bandage offers products to keep you upright and thriving at all hours. Contact us to learn more about the products we offer and why they're a great investment.