How It Works

Check out this video below for detailed instructions




The transdermal patch technology was developed back in the 70’s. The nicotine patch is very commonly known type of transdermal patch and works the same way as the Booze Bandage. The transdermal patch is a medicated adhesivpatch that is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of vitamin through the skin and into the bloodstream. 


An advantage of a transdermal vitamin delivery route over other types of delivery such as oral is that the patch provides a controlled time release of the vitamin into the individuals bloodstream. It is best that the patch is applied to your skin in a clean hairless area. The patch will begin to release the vitamin into your system and continues to do so for 8-12 hours. Absorption rates vary depending on individual.


Where is the Best Place to Apply the Booze Bandage?

The best area is a clean hairless area on the body. We always suggest inner forearm, lower stomach, inside of bicep, or the best on your butt. Essentially any area that your skin is hairless as possible, and not flexing or bending. 


Is There a Wrong Way to Apply the Patch?

YES! If you look at any of our product pics you can clearly see there are 2 layers to the patch. You remove and apply both layers, the top layer which is the logo sticker is not made to be removed. If you are able or accidentally remove only the top layer (the logo sticker) and apply just that you unfortunately will not get any effects of the vitamin patch you removed it from. Pull off both layers of the patch together and apply both layers to you skin as one piece.